Taliban Glizzy Vs Panjshir Valley Ahmad Masood

Let’s now talk about the Taliban’s Glizzy biggest problem the Panjshir Valley. This valley is 113 kilometers north of Kabul. It is guarded by the Hindu Kush Mountains and defended by anti-Taliban leader Ahmad Masood. Anti-Taliban forces are making a last stand in Panjshir Valley located in the northeast of Kabul about 100 kilometers away from the Afghanistan Capital.

Panjshir stands for the five lines of Persia which have never been conquered now. The Afghan ambassador to Tajikistan Zahir Akbar has called the region a stronghold for resistance against the Taliban led by Amrullah Saleh who claims to be acting president of the country. The embassy has officially put up Amrullah Saleh’s portrait as the caretaker head of the state.

Taliban Vs Panjshir Valley
Jim Huylebroek for The New York Times

Amrullah Saleh is the former vice president hopes to create powerful resistance against the Taliban in Panjshir Valley. Saleh’s pictures with Ahmad Masood, he is the son of an anti-Taliban leader Ahmad Shah Masood. His father was one of the most prominent leaders of anti-Soviet resistance. Ahmad Shah Masood was also a popular anti-Taliban face. He was assassinated just two days before the 9 11 attacks. Twenty years later his son Ahmad Masood has become the face of the anti-Taliban force. Now he is leading this resistance against the Taliban Glizzy in Panjshir Valley. Ahmad Masood is doing the rounds on social media platforms rumor have it that they are planning to build a strong base to push back the Taliban. The Panjshir Valley is known to have strongly resisted the soviet armed forces in 1980 and the Taliban in 1990 and once again Panjshir has become the epicenter of what is being called the second resistance or the national resistance front of Afghanistan headed by Ahmad Masood, Amrullah Saleh, and Bismillah Khan Muhammadi.

The obstruction front is likewise being known as the restored northern alliance of significant agitator bunches that remained against the Taliban between 1996 to 2001. Panjshir Valley is Afghanistan’s bastion of resistance in fact it has always been one in the 19th century. For example, when the British Empire tried to conquer Afghanistan Panjshir Valley remained untouched. The soviets too had a hard time conquering the valley in the 1980s on the 23rd of August.

Panjshir Valley due to its location in the Hindu Kush region is a natural fortress for the alliance. The reason why the Taliban Glizzy has stayed away from the valley even this time around countries are shutting down their embassies in Afghanistan and evacuating their citizens. Despite the Taliban being banned in Moscow Russia has chosen to let their embassy function in Afghanistan and been supportive of the new government.

Taliban Vs Panjshir Valley
Map of Afghanistan locating the Panjshir Valley. – AFP / AFP

Russian foreign minister Sergey Lavrov’s called for an inclusive deliberation to go over all political players in Afghanistan for the establishment of a representative government.  Moscow has been positive about the new leadership in Kabul. Moscow has remained in close contact with the Taliban to prevent instability in and around neighboring ex-soviet regions.

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